Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Candidate number.....

Now I'm dating like crazy. Ladies and Gentlemen....(drum roll)

oh before we get to that here are the basic requirments: LOL! :D

speaks well
dresses well
good skin, fair
active (sports, gym, etc.)

Candidate number 3 - 28, teaches, pretty face, ok bod. Gets pretty boring if you're together too long.

Candidate number 2 - 34, advocate, pretty face, almost there hot bod. Nice personality, angsty a bit, would make a good partner. downside is he has something that i don't wanna get.

Candidate number 1 - 33, recently graduated 2nd course. swims daily, nice lean bod. great personality. im holding off on us becoming a couple, so i could get to know him more.

There. Verdict please. :P

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