Sunday, February 28, 2010

He loves me, he loves me not

Ok, so now were going out and doing thesame things we used to do. But there is one tiny bit of difference. Well not so tiny, depending on who you're asking.

He still meets up with other guys and hooks up.

Yeah things like this used to totally freak me out. I dunno if you could call it as me evolving into someone i would never dream of being.

Well if you ask me if i'm totally cool with being in an open relationship, i wouldnt or couldnt say yes. Dont get me wrong, i know exactly why couples do it, but am i ready for that? hmmm maybe in due time.

Which brings me back to that question, does he love me less by hooking up with other guys? Or better yet, do I love him less because he does that?

But before i answer that, ive to tell you that im no saint myself, i hook up like 10x more than he does. But the difference is, i do it for an entirely different reason. (If you have to ask why, go through my previous posts)

Sigh. I'm on an emo trip so early in the week :(

Even with all the crap this crap im going through, im still in love with the kid.

Who needs a fucking daisy to tell me anyway. ;)

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