Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Broken Record

It finally dawned on me that maybe he isnt the right person for me. Maybe its because i'm no longer in love that i see what's exactly infront of me.

I used to think for the longest time that after all the things we went through that we'd still end up together.

That happening is bleak.

Im a go back to sleep and start dreaming again of a perfect partner... LOL!


  1. i've read this article about love a few months ago and it explained how most people break up when they're just around their 6th month celebration or whateveryyoucallthatshit is.

    cause monthsary is just too awkward for me. SRSLY? MONTHSARY? it sounds as ugly as Montgomery but yea. *yes, i have issues*

    back to my point- well, according to them, our body creates this chemical once we fall in love and it usually last for around 6 months. Now, once that breaking point comes in, obviously, the whole lovey dovey feeling would eventually just wane off and its all up to you now if you still want to go on in the relationship or not. *catches breathing*

    so yea..even though this is totally irrelevant with your post-I'm just THAT random, really...

  2. Hey Herbs,

    I was in love way longer than 6 months with thesame guy. But yeah, i agree with you, celebrating it every month doesnt make sense.

    Random or otherwise, thanks for the comment ;)