Sunday, April 11, 2010


Wiki - Pride is, depending on the interactional and cultural context, either a high sense of one's personal status (i.e., leading to judgements of personality and character) or the specific mostly positive emotion that is a product of praise or independent self-reflection. Philosophers and social psychologists have noted that pride is a complex secondary emotion which requires the development of a sense of self and the mastery of relevant conceptual distinctions (e.g., that pride is distinct from happiness and joy) through language-based interaction with others[1]. Some social psychologists identify it as linked to a signal of high social status.[2]One definition of pride in the first sense comes from St. Augustine: "the love of one's own excellence".[3] In this sense, the opposite of pride is humility.

He said he was too proud, i said i was more than proud. When in love, which comes first- pride or humility? I was hurt, he was the source of it. Why then cant people forego pride? and just go with humility? Humble pie is tasty anyway. LOL.

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